Sunday, March 28, 2010

If there was one thing about your academic challenges, what would it be?

For me it is not if I had a challenge since I do have one at this moment. My grandmother is very ill right now and I have moved into her house to take care of her. My grandpa is older as well and cant lift on her and my Oma and Papa have too many health problems to take on her. With me taking on this task I have been unable to do much of anything besides help her and go to work. I have fallen really behind on my classes and failing both of them and now since I found out I am 12 weeks pregnate I have to really becareful and the stress of everything is getting to me. I am so scared I will not be going to be able to make my classes or much less pass them. Do not get me wrong I love school and everything that goes along with it it's just with so much going on I can not keep up. I just dont know what to do right now :(


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