Monday, March 15, 2010

Found a puppy

Well after work yesterday I found a puppy huddled in a corner. Beautiful coloring I must say. Looks to be part blue healer and pit, but we will have to see. I toke him home and my husband did not see too upset at the thoought of me bringing a puppy home for I do it alot. I foster them till they are house trained and good with children then my husband finds them a home. I want to keep them but he says no. My daughter loves anamials though so it is fun to watch her play with them and talk to them, any hooop. It was such a lovely day today and I got to go to the park with a friend of mine and her 2 puppies while my daughter played on the slide. I so wish I had a puppy puppy they are so cute and I love the smell of puppy breath. Well I must finish class and do some home work before I go to bed. Lator Gator!

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