Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New class, Im so confused.

I messed up my other smester with being in and out of the hospital so here I am to do it again. Lets hope I do better LOL. Anyways, hi hello and howdy, Im jennifer or Pixie. Im 23 and crrazzzyyyy. Nah, thats a joke, im down to earth full time worker and full time mom as well as full time baby maker right now. I work 6 days a week as an asst manager for a gas station, 7 days a week as a mother for my daughter and a wife to a husband, 7 days a week for the last 18 weeks to (i hope its a boy) to a wonderful fetus growing fast, and now a full time student. I have a very crazy life and I try to make things work out for me. I do what I can when I can and however I can. It just seems like something is missing, I want to say I know what it is but I dont. Anyways Im going to let this be the first Post of many Post to come since it has been forever since I got on to here LOL.........................

Sunday, March 28, 2010

If there was one thing about your academic challenges, what would it be?

For me it is not if I had a challenge since I do have one at this moment. My grandmother is very ill right now and I have moved into her house to take care of her. My grandpa is older as well and cant lift on her and my Oma and Papa have too many health problems to take on her. With me taking on this task I have been unable to do much of anything besides help her and go to work. I have fallen really behind on my classes and failing both of them and now since I found out I am 12 weeks pregnate I have to really becareful and the stress of everything is getting to me. I am so scared I will not be going to be able to make my classes or much less pass them. Do not get me wrong I love school and everything that goes along with it it's just with so much going on I can not keep up. I just dont know what to do right now :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

Found a puppy

Well after work yesterday I found a puppy huddled in a corner. Beautiful coloring I must say. Looks to be part blue healer and pit, but we will have to see. I toke him home and my husband did not see too upset at the thoought of me bringing a puppy home for I do it alot. I foster them till they are house trained and good with children then my husband finds them a home. I want to keep them but he says no. My daughter loves anamials though so it is fun to watch her play with them and talk to them, any hooop. It was such a lovely day today and I got to go to the park with a friend of mine and her 2 puppies while my daughter played on the slide. I so wish I had a puppy puppy they are so cute and I love the smell of puppy breath. Well I must finish class and do some home work before I go to bed. Lator Gator!

Research Topic

Well I have been looking up new things to do my research paper on. My teacher made a comment about birth defects. I am really into the neonatial sense of babies and I want to learn as much as I can. So I have been researching all the different types of defects a child can get. So far the one I like the most, to do a paper on, is called "factor x syndrome" This is not too rare and fairly common and I never have heard of it before. So now that I have picked something I can start working on the information I will need for the paper.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

crazy day

well i had to go into work early this morning, 5 am. My manager's GM wants me to learn the paper work and all that good stuff so when I have my second child they can give me a store. So I went in to do the paper work, then he toke me to breakfast. I wasnt too hungry because of my morning sickness had struck but I did eat a few tortillias. Then I casme home and fell asleep for 30 mins to be awaken by my coworker asking me 50 questions. I toke care of that then went to pick up grocereys for dinner and my snack attacks. Had to rush home because the room mate decided she didnt want to hang out with me no more and wanted her fb. Tugged all the stuff in while she went to make her self look hummmmmm and I started dinner. King Ranch Chicken... talk about food heaven. Changed around my room so it looks better and I am closer to the bathroom. Found my old phone with pics of my first babies sonogram,,,,, awwww. Now im chilling after feeding the hubby and baby, desert and night nights. So yea, how goes it for the rest of the world?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want to vent

I told a friend about my class room blogging try out. She told me it is a good way to vent about things that seem like the wont go away. I wonder if this will work for me because I need an outlet. It does seem a little silly to me but I am always one to try new things.
So to start I have a small problem, I toke in a young female, she is 19, and it seems she is getting out of hand. This is the second go around with her, went allowed her to move in on the bases she would be here 3 weeks, that turned into almost 2 months. But then she was told she was going to need surgery and moved back to her dads. Well 2 weeks pass by and she is fighting with him and wants to move back, we make it plain to her that there is no drinking or smoking weed at our house because of my daughter and also because I am pregnate. There was to be none of her friends hanging out at the house and she would help out with food and rent. Well we are going on a month and a half and she has broke them all it seems, her freak buddy spends nights here and eats here, she drinks in her room which is always a mess and stinky. She is never helping clean house or pay anything besides 75 a week for rent then eats all the food she can. I just got a new car and she was not allowed to use but it seems she has been driving it drunk for it smells terribly of alchol and cigs. Im frustrated with it because she denys all of it. Unsure of what to do right now so we will see.
Well i feel slightly better so we will see.
I hope tommrow is another beautiful day for I am off and want to spend some time out in the sun.... Cant wait for summer so I can swim. Just sad I will be big prego by then LOL

Setting up a blog

Well this is a first for me, I am not really one too remeber to blog but since I will have a reminder from school so we will see. I am going to send this out to many ppl so they can keep up with me and my babies. Anyways lets see how this goes.