Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want to vent

I told a friend about my class room blogging try out. She told me it is a good way to vent about things that seem like the wont go away. I wonder if this will work for me because I need an outlet. It does seem a little silly to me but I am always one to try new things.
So to start I have a small problem, I toke in a young female, she is 19, and it seems she is getting out of hand. This is the second go around with her, went allowed her to move in on the bases she would be here 3 weeks, that turned into almost 2 months. But then she was told she was going to need surgery and moved back to her dads. Well 2 weeks pass by and she is fighting with him and wants to move back, we make it plain to her that there is no drinking or smoking weed at our house because of my daughter and also because I am pregnate. There was to be none of her friends hanging out at the house and she would help out with food and rent. Well we are going on a month and a half and she has broke them all it seems, her freak buddy spends nights here and eats here, she drinks in her room which is always a mess and stinky. She is never helping clean house or pay anything besides 75 a week for rent then eats all the food she can. I just got a new car and she was not allowed to use but it seems she has been driving it drunk for it smells terribly of alchol and cigs. Im frustrated with it because she denys all of it. Unsure of what to do right now so we will see.
Well i feel slightly better so we will see.
I hope tommrow is another beautiful day for I am off and want to spend some time out in the sun.... Cant wait for summer so I can swim. Just sad I will be big prego by then LOL

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  1. Hey, any way that you can get something off of your chest is good therapy. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck with your blog and the situation that you are dealing with right now.