Wednesday, March 10, 2010

crazy day

well i had to go into work early this morning, 5 am. My manager's GM wants me to learn the paper work and all that good stuff so when I have my second child they can give me a store. So I went in to do the paper work, then he toke me to breakfast. I wasnt too hungry because of my morning sickness had struck but I did eat a few tortillias. Then I casme home and fell asleep for 30 mins to be awaken by my coworker asking me 50 questions. I toke care of that then went to pick up grocereys for dinner and my snack attacks. Had to rush home because the room mate decided she didnt want to hang out with me no more and wanted her fb. Tugged all the stuff in while she went to make her self look hummmmmm and I started dinner. King Ranch Chicken... talk about food heaven. Changed around my room so it looks better and I am closer to the bathroom. Found my old phone with pics of my first babies sonogram,,,,, awwww. Now im chilling after feeding the hubby and baby, desert and night nights. So yea, how goes it for the rest of the world?

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